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    Monday, March 10th, 2014
    3:35 pm


    Monday, February 3rd, 2014
    5:58 pm
    January accomplishments
    Because I skipped November and December in a blur of moving and RAC preparation...

    One hike at Ed Levin park, with a second geocaching trip and hike at the same.
    Two five mile bike rides.
    Nine walks of 30 minutes or greater
    Eight yoga classes.
    Four climbing sessions, mostly very brief ones.
    Twenty five exercise sessions in one month, off to the right track, my goal is to get to daily exercise of one kind or another.

    One massage

    One delightful and very swanky party for iamradar' birthday. Such a beautiful birthday girl in her shimmering silver off the shoulder gown.

    One concert where Mr. Lance's co worker played her songs on the acoustic and electric guitar.

    One delightful Queer Contra in Oakland. From our new digs in Milpitas, we are an easy drive to the current BART station, which makes getting up to Oakland for dances much easier for me, the driving averse.

    One B2DG discussion group, and one ASQ meeting. Topics - Recor's renal denervation device (we are working on the design and manufacture for them, Intro to Design Control.

    A busy month, and happy. I'm focusing more on fitness, and on building up strength and cardio, both were down after two months of head down hard work on the house buying, move, unpacking, and RAC. My weight is up to the top of the range I'm comfortable with, but with better eating habits and more exercise, I can get that back where I want it.

    So much happier all around.
    Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
    7:15 am
    Second RAC practice exam

    Substantial improvement, came from focusing on using test taking skills and focused study on the Drug material.

    This might actually work.
    Monday, August 6th, 2012
    9:00 pm

    At the new house. Exhausted. Final walk through st old place on Wednesday. interview at Orherco.

    Difficult not to just fall apart in tears. Managed to cry in the car after work, better than at work? I don't know.

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    Monday, June 18th, 2012
    11:13 am

    At Kaiser,, waiting while Mr. Lance has planned surgery. Feeling fraidy.

    Plenty of schoolwork to do while I wait, but difficult to focus.

    More later.

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    Friday, February 24th, 2012
    6:48 am
    What if 89 people showed up with you?
    I'm still thinking about something that happened at the sit-in at Pcon.

    There was a woman there who did not know about the organized sit in and had decided to come and sit outside and protest on her own.

    I think that's a hard and scary thing to do.

    And I keep wondering what it must feel like to get yourself ready to do something hard alone and then find 89 OTHER PEOPLE there with you, people you've never met, people who don't even know you, but are there with you.

    To me, that is magic. To me, that is beautiful.

    There have been many times I felt I was doing hard things alone, and many times when an extra pair of hands or even just the presence of others for moral support would have helped. And I did those things alone.

    And now I had the opportunity to be part of the magic unexpected backup for someone else. And that makes me happy and proud.

    I can't do that for everybody. Everybody can't do it for me. But just to do it now and then is huge.

    This is real magic.
    Tuesday, February 21st, 2012
    1:28 pm
    (At Pantheacon. )

    We are sitting together outside Z Budapest's Sacred Body of Women, self blessing ritual.

    This is a ritual for women to bless and honor their bodies. Our bodies our bodies that are so amazing and different. Our bodies that change. Our bodies that sometimes bleed. Our bodies that are sometimes so full of life that it leaks out.

    I would love to be doing a self blessing. I would love to be able to circle with Z.

    And I can't.

    I can't because this is a ritual for "women born women" only. And I can't support that and I can't let it go unseen and unremarked upon.

    Trans women are women. Trans men are men. It's not a matter of discussion. It's a fact.

    There are 89 of us sitting meditation outside the ritual. We are maybe twice as many as the people actually IN the ritual.

    And I am crying. Z is one of the old witches, the old women, the feminist magic workers, the ones who started this whole amazing huge trip that has grown in so many wonderful ways. She is one of the ones who wanted women to have space, for women, where we can do everything we need and want to do, without making room for men, without being dwarfed by men, without being afraid of the violence that so often comes with men. Until having that space, it's hard to really know what's possible and just how big we can be. As big as we are. We can be we sized. It's HUGE.

    And I have tremendous respect for that. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a priest. And in Catholicism, that doesn't happen. Not because I'm bad or ignorant or untrained, but purely because I am a girl. End of story, over, done. And that did wound my heart. I found another faith and I am a priest now, but the wound is still there.

    And she still speaks with the accent. And she's tiny. And she's old and she's confused and afraid.

    I feel like I am calling out my own grandmother in public for doing something wrong.

    And it feels really hard. And I'm sitting here crying.

    She is not going to be here much longer.

    She is old.

    (Someday I will be old.)

    She is confused.

    (Sometimes I am confused.)

    She is afraid.

    (Sometimes I am afraid.)

    I am afraid of things I don't understand. I am afraid of things that change. I am afraid of things that upset the way the world in my head works. I am afraid of things that challenge my sense of what's right. I am afraid too. And when I'm afraid I overreact. I stop thinking and I close my heart and I defend myself. With whatever means necessary.

    We have a lot of things in common. And I'm still sitting here and still crying, for her, for us, and for everybody.

    My partner is weeping. The man next to him reaches over so very very gently and touches him. We hold hands for a few monments.

    We are here. We exist. We see what you are doing. We are real. We can sit here outside as long as it takes for you to come out and join us. We see you.

    It is hard all around. But we are here. And we are real. And we see each other.

    (Edit. This is public now. I want more people to see it and be moved to thought.)
    Thursday, January 5th, 2012
    7:20 am
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